01 Jun

The luxury of private jet flying is typically associated with the rich and famous but its benefits now include health and safety. 

As the world's population begins a slow return to the skies, commercial aircraft are becoming increasingly crowded and the alternatives appear to simple: stay home, drive, risk flying on an airliner, or fly private. Though the last is the most expensive, flying private has numerous advantages when it comes to ensuring a healthy travel experience that including skipping the airport terminal and not worrying about social distancing onboard the aircraft.

With safety becoming paramount in the pandemic-stricken world and safety becoming a highly sought-after commodity for the ultra-wealthy, private jet companies are predicting a boom in their industry and are taking measures in preparation for an influx of new flyers. Most of these flyers have been able to afford to charter private aircraft but couldn't justify the cost before now. 

Here's how private flying is safer than commercial.

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