30 May

Up your flying game by booking with one of these surprisingly low-cost private airlines.

Even if you barely fly, chances are you’re irked by TSA frisking, overpriced food court meals, long layovers, paying for baggage check, and the very real possibility of cramming into a middle seat. Good news: in recent years, better options have flown onto our radar.

When pricing out the cost difference between a commercial airline (like Delta Air Lines) versus a private airline, it’s important to analyze what’s included in the base fare. Items like free drinks, complimentary baggage check (restrictions do apply but typically two bags up to a certain weight are at no-cost), lounge access, and flying direct are worth a lot of money if you had to pay for those perks yourself.

And because time is money, consider this list of pros in the private category: fewer passengers on each plane, less time boarding the flight (plus getting to your final destination) and arriving at the airport closer to your flight’s departure time. Read on to learn more about how you can declare “I’m totally flying private” on your next trip.

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